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From a Good Wife addict | Season 5 music compilation

Unlike El Boyfriendo, who is basically a well educated puppy (he loves digging in the garden too), I can happily, easily, and with much joy plop down in front of the TV and watch an entire TV season from start to finish on a Sunday.

One series that’s captivated my attention and that I LOVE is the The Good Wife. And what really kicked Season 5 up a few notches for me was the amazing soundtrack! David Buckley did a phenomenal job of writing an excellent score, and the other music was pretty great too.

So, because I am really quite lovely, I’ve collected most of the music from Season 5 below – with much help from a site I found called TuneFinder. Enjoy!

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Some lovely thoughts

I stumbled across these lovely pics on Facebook today and they made me smile. I also loved remembering that I am the boss of my face!

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Bleugh | Fit Bitch

I don’t have the brain capacity to write (does this week have TWO Mondays??) so here are some funny pictures. Also one day left on these hundred healthy days – need to see how I’ve done (ANXIETY).



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Jammin’ Hump Day track

When I’m writing, I like to plug into 8tracks and let the music roll over me while I try to squeeze out words . After my playlist finished, this song came up and I felt chills – some songs just strike you that way.

I have NO idea what the lyrics mean, and a quick google of ‘beggin’ for thread’ leads only to the song. So if there’s some secret meaning or it’s code for illicit behaviour, please share in the comments!

In the meanwhile, here’s a song you might like:

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No Miss South Africa | Fit Bitch

I remember as a little girl one of my absolute favourite things to watch, after Alvin and the Chipmunks (the movie), was Miss World.


I don’t watch Miss World anymore, but as a little girl the beautiful women, the shiny outfits, and the gorgeous high heels and perfect Barbie doll stomachs in swimming costumes all filled me a sense of wonder and magic.


A part of me wonders if that’s why I was never happy with my body. Not once.

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Enough is enough | Fit Bitch

It finally happened. I got sick of being this person:

Suddenly, over the weekend, the final straw landed on the camel’s back and I realised I was actually gatvol. Gatvol of fighting with my wardrobe, gatvol of feeling blerghy, heavy, ugly and sluggish. And gatvol of dreading summer.

Like all my epiphanies, it was Pinterest inspired and this was the quote that pushed me over the edge:

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Great bums think alike | Fit Bitch

Ah, Nicki Minaj.

Her bum really is a glorious globe, and she shows it off wonderfully in her latest, highly sexualised, music video. As a girl packing a bit of ass myself (I do not have the typical white girl problem of my backside being too flat) I must confess I found this video rather empowering.


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Tim Noakes ain’t no joke | Fit Bitch

Today , I turned 28, and realised with a sad sigh that I can cast off phrases like ‘When I was younger’ in a non-facetious manner and mention ‘ten years ago’ quite casually like a real grown-up.

I’m also finding it harder to lose weight.

This is partly because I haven’t really tried this year yet. And partly because I haven’t really exercised. And partly because my aging metabolism is giving me the huge middle finger… All of which is why I signed up with the challenge which has thus far lead to increased amounts of guilt but no real action on my part (which I’m sure was not the organisers intended when they invited me to participate.)


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Life lessons

… And some funny stuff.

I have a long and eloquent post on Tim Noakes planned for my fitness challenge (possible titles include ‘Tim Noakes can can go f* himself’) but alas I am moving this week, and was in Cape Town last week, and have subsequently eaten enough calories to feed a village for a month. Myself. 








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