The Fatness: my 4 favourite long reads on the F word

It’s a scary word – the F word – and people cover it up with euphemisms whenever they can. Plus size, big, fuller figured… It’s a bad word.


I’ve written about it for W24 before, but still find myself veering away from the word whenever it comes up. These four long reads by four fabulous writers each tackled the F word and really moved me with their brave, beautiful copy.


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30 Things I Learnt Before Turning 30

30 Things I Learnt Before Turning 30

It’s happened. I didn’t think it really would, but it did. I’ve turned 30. Clocking over to this decade was a lot harder than the last one and I’ve been throat-clutchingly anxious about it since my 29th birthday.


So what have I learned in these past three decades (mainly from Hulett’s sugar packets)?

I’ve made it into a handy list:

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Clarens photo diary

I was spoiled to a lovely few days away by my fiance for my birthday, and here are some of my snaps from the beautiful part of South Africa.

Aside from the gorgeous views at Golden Gate National Park (we stayed in the stunning mountain side cabins), Clarens is a gem of a town. It’s packed with delicious craft coffee, gin and beer and a lovely vibe.


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Hluleka photo-diary

I’m at it again! Here are some (VERY belated) photos from my trip to Hluleka this year. It is an absolutely beautiful part of South Africa and I loved the trip there – so calm, so quiet! Such incredible beauty. It made me remember how gorgeous our country is.


FYI, you can find a lot of the items featured in the photos on my craft blog:



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Long weekend reads: emojis at work, mansplaining in the boardroom and Beyonce’s Lemonade | Forbes Women Africa

If you’re looking for a good read, you should pick up this month’s issue of Forbes Women Africa!

I wrote two articles I’m rather proud of and – AND – I’m a featured contributor, which led to immense anxiety over photos of myself on Instagram.

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Emoji are sexist and here’s why

I woke up this morning with what can only be described as a crazy email in my inbox from a complete stranger. It’s quite something to blearily open your eyes, sleepily snuggle against your fiance and for the first words to enter your brain – through your phone – to be a long, rambling journey down the rabbit hole.

Anyway. Back to emojis.

Emojis are more than the little pictures on your phone – they’re actually a key facet of our increasingly digital communication. And with the laughing-crying emoji chosen as Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year last year, don’t doubt their cultural significance.

I dove into this topic in depth for the Daily Maverick:

Aside from the little yellow faces skewing male – they’re more likely to be perceived as men than women – all the “action” and career-specific emojis are male. The female emojis are dancing, getting married or grooming themselves: flipping their hair, painting their nails or getting a head massage. This represents the divide between the public “helping” sphere and the private “selfish” sphere: the men are providing services, while the women are forced once again into beauty-centric roles

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