I’m a (big, fat) hypocrite

I’m a (big, fat) hypocrite

I’ve complained about banting many times. Many, many times. But here I am, 3pm on a Wednesday, drinking coffee with fat golden globules floating like drops of sunshine on its surface.

There’s no way around it. I have to admit it. Like the weak willed jellyfish I am, I’ve become a banting sheep. I’ve eaten so much coconut over the past two weeks I’m like a human pina colada.

And the worst thing of all? I’M ENJOYING IT.

I’m sure you feel caught off guard, on the back foot, BETRAYED.


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Is happiness all there is?

Is happiness all there is?

There are moments when the heaviness of time and importance of legacy swirl around me like a hurricane, and all I can think is, ‘Does anything I do actually matter?’


It’s a bit teenage girl, I know, but every now and then the weight of this short life sits on my shoulders and all I can think about is whether I’m doing anything important, significant, and memorable.

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Pants are the worst

You know what’s worse than pants?



Not a world without carbs, not sweating red in the beating sun, not even slow internet with a continuously turning circle of death and yet NOTHING LOADS.

Except maybe shopping for pants. I feel my heart shudder and my chest seize up when pant shopping becomes a necessity. As a short person, pants are even worse. They ALL come up to my belly button, and drag on the floor long over my ankles like I’m simultaneously a 12 year old and a middle-aged woman.

‘Beyonce Fucking Knowles. Beyonce doesn’t need pants to do shit. Do you think pants are going to stop Beyonce from running the fucking world?’ rants Matt Bellasai, my spirit animal, in his latest video.

‘Your face is streaked with dry tears and you don’t even remember when you started crying… all so you can squeeze into a piece of fabric that tells you how much fatter you were since the last time.’


Maternity leave: the career killer | Forbes Women Africa

Maternity leave: the career killer | Forbes Women Africa

I recently wrote an article for Forbes Women Africa on the shocking effect maternity leave has on a women’s career. In many ways, women are penalised for having children; especially since without paternity leave parenthood becomes a burden that falls on the mother (I use the word ‘burden’ specifically because, once parenthood is left to one person it DOES become a burden). Since they don’t have a website, and the next issue is almost on shelf, I decided to share my piece here.

Please do grab a copy! It’s a great publication with lots to offer. I’ve got another piece appearing in the next issue with an incisive piece on the South African entertainment industry (and yes, I chatted to Bonang!)

Grab this – on shelves now!

Is becoming a new mom career limiting?

It would seem falling pregnant is the worst thing for your career in corporate South Africa. With unpaid maternity leave as the legal norm, new mothers have more than the baby blues to deal with. 

‘My entire life changed when I got pregnant, and my husband’s hardly changed at all,’ says Lilly Jensen*, 30. Lilly went from being a successful managing editor at a local magazine on a promising career track to a stay-at-home mom.

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