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As a knitter you might think my hobby is knitting. It’s an easy mistake to make but let me assure you that YOU ARE WRONG. Sweet, sweet yarn is my true addiction; much to my boyfriend’s…

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Actual cannibal, Shia le Boef

Thanks to my knitting guru for introducing me to this wonderful musical piece of weirdness. Catchy too!

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It’s almost the holidays!

As the holidays draw nearer, I feel less like this:


And more like this:

Dancing potato!


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You know those floaty things you see sometimes out the corner of your eye?

It turns out, they’re a real, well known phenomenon! For the longest time I thought they were a weird glitch in my eye and I could never quite build up the courage to see an optometrist and have a rambling discussion about the weird floaty things I sometimes saw.

Now I know – it’s not just me!

Aside from the narrator sounding deathly dull and mechanical, this is a really interesting TED talk – and for me, quite the revelation. It’s pretty cool actually.

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John Oliver and the home store

I love John Oliver. I loved him in Community:


I loved him as a correspondent on Jon Stewart:

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The Adventures of George Washington (the hilarious modern adventures of a historical figure)

May I present to you: my favourite thing on the internet

Adventures of George Washington

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I finally understand why Joburgers are so angry

Today was going to be a good day. I’d leave early. Be Super Productive. Get a pedicure. Pack for the cruise tomorrow. Be awesome.

And my plan started well: I left home at 7.20am (calm, serene in my timeliness) instead of 8.15am (running, gulping coffee, forgetting lunch). The petrol light went on almost as soon as I pulled out of the driveway, but why worry about that because at this time of day I’d zoom into work, zip into a petrol station, and zap into the office, all before 8am.

UNTIL. I forgot in my naivety that I am CURSED to arrive at the office at 8.50m NO MATTER WHAT TIME OR ROUTE I TAKE . 


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Friday LOLs



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From a Good Wife addict | Season 5 music compilation

Unlike El Boyfriendo, who is basically a well educated puppy (he loves digging in the garden too), I can happily, easily, and with much joy plop down in front of the TV and watch an entire TV season from start to finish on a Sunday.

One series that’s captivated my attention and that I LOVE is the The Good Wife. And what really kicked Season 5 up a few notches for me was the amazing soundtrack! David Buckley did a phenomenal job of writing an excellent score, and the other music was pretty great too.

So, because I am really quite lovely, I’ve collected most of the music from Season 5 below – with much help from a site I found called TuneFinder. Enjoy!

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Some lovely thoughts

I stumbled across these lovely pics on Facebook today and they made me smile. I also loved remembering that I am the boss of my face!

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