Drakensberg wedding | Photo diary

I hope ya’ll are a fan of photodiaries because with a new camera around my neck and some trips coming up you can expect a LOT of them.

This latest one is from an absolutely beautiful weekend away in the Drakensberg, on the border of Lesotho, with the wonderful El Boyfriendo. We stayed in Champagne Castle – a very well priced hotel with an unbelievable view. It has access to a lot of hikes (that we didn’t go on), tennis courts, an aviary, and a stunning chapel for one of the most touching and personal weddings I’ve been to.


Misty Mountains past the trees…

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Falling off the Banting Bandwagon

My second column is up over at Women24 about banting and why it didn’t work out for me. It’s not the first time I’ve written about banting, but I do think it’s the funniest!

Read here >> Falling off the banting bandwagon


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Photo-diary of a market (and some self-indulgent doggie snaps)

There’s nothing like a good market. As an enthusiastic food fan, I really enjoy a great eateries market – though my chronic indecision when faced with so much deliciousness drives my loved ones a little crazy. I popped into the charming and quiet 1 Fox weekly market with friends, my camera and an empty stomach this past weekend and got some lovely snaps of the place.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for puns.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for puns.

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So the great news is that I’m basically like, super famous.

I’ve published my first column on Women24 and am basking in the knowledge that tens of people have probably, I guess, maybe, hopefully read it, or at least skimmed it while eating lunch and thinking about other things.

(So if you see someone is sunglasses trying to avoid the paparazzi in Woolworths it’s probably me.)

Read all about being the fattest bridesmaid here.

Me in cartoon form

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Post Holiday Pinks

You know you had a good holiday when you take off your cardi and peeling skin puffs into the air like a snowy cloud, wafting gently to the ground. Yessir, I spent some time in the hot Namibian sun last week, diving into a hippo and croc infested pool.

Of course, when I saw ‘dive’ I mean ‘ease gently’ and when I say ‘hippo and croc infested pool’ I mean ‘an area of the Okovango carefully fenced off from anything dangerous’.

The world's only hippo and croc diving pool at Ngepi, on the Okovango in Namibia

The world’s only hippo and croc diving pool at Ngepi, on the Okovango in Namibia

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On cookies and swimming costumes

There’s nothing I love more than baking. Except, maybe, eating what I’ve baked. There’s also nothing I love less than looking sadly at my swimming costume; worrying more about covering up than showing off. So with a family holiday near the Okavango around the corner, and a fresh batch of chocolate fudge cookies out the oven, I was indeed stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Runny Babbit:
As a knitter you might think my hobby is knitting. It’s an easy mistake to make but let me assure you that YOU ARE WRONG. Sweet, sweet yarn is my true addiction; much to my boyfriend’s…

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Actual cannibal, Shia le Boef

Thanks to my knitting guru for introducing me to this wonderful musical piece of weirdness. Catchy too!

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It’s almost the holidays!

As the holidays draw nearer, I feel less like this:


And more like this:

Dancing potato!


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You know those floaty things you see sometimes out the corner of your eye?

It turns out, they’re a real, well known phenomenon! For the longest time I thought they were a weird glitch in my eye and I could never quite build up the courage to see an optometrist and have a rambling discussion about the weird floaty things I sometimes saw.

Now I know – it’s not just me!

Aside from the narrator sounding deathly dull and mechanical, this is a really interesting TED talk – and for me, quite the revelation. It’s pretty cool actually.

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