Procrastination attack!

Procrastination attack!

I have way too much free time at work. This is a sign of the deadly Procrastination Attack disease. One of the first symptoms is sighing excessively, as boredom seeps into the unwary mind. Then work gets pushed aside and you find yourself clicking through clicking through clicking through all the Mutual Friends on Facebook until you make a loop and end up where you started. Sometimes I get a little scared that I’m going to click myself into oblivion. However, procrastination is not limited to Facebook.

Samantha Steele
Sigh ... PHOTO: Annelie Mare

Below is a list of sites that steal my time. But be warned, as this anonymous quote says: “Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you’re only skrewing yourself.”

  • Facebook
  • Twitter (I’m following Bill Bailey aka Manny from Black Books. He makes me happy.)
  • The Oatmeal
  • The Onion
  • Hayibo
  • Time Magazine – lists of ‘top ten’ (My friend and fellow procrastinator Tarryn describes these lists as “pure procrastination gold”. It also lets you feel clever, because hey, you’re procrastinating by reading Time magazine!)
  • The Economist
  • News24 (though the fact that most of the articles consist of solely SAPA content annoys me)
  • F My Life (people bitching about their lives. Hilarious, if often demoralising. FML stands for f**k my life)
  • Lamebook (lame people from Facebook)
  • Bad Ass of the Week (funny funny funny autobiographies of people from history. It also has probably my most favourite article ever on doppelgangers)
  • XKCD (a poorly drawn but very funny webcomic that is occasionally quite touching. Be warned! They have maths jokes too.)
  • Flickr (Last 7 Days – awesome pics!)
  • OMG Facts (for the internet illiterate, OMG stands for oh my god, or, more phonetically, ohhh miiii GAWD).
  • Failblog (This site has a list of ‘sister sites’ at the bottom of the page. Also highly addictive.)
  • Engrish
  • Oddly Specific
  • Icanhascheezeburger (it’s a wee bit lame. It’s pics of cats speaking English funny. Without my friend Annelie I would never have found this as hilarious as I do. She used to read the lolcatspeak out loud – so worth it).
  • Cracked (time consuming website, packed with witty articles. Thanks Sven, think this stole a good chunk of my life)
  • Bitch Yourself Thin (click the dopamine button, even if you’re not dieting. It’s big and orange, hard to miss).
  • WebMD (guilty sigh … diet section. But it’s also fun to go to the diagnosis section and make up symptoms and see what disease you have).
  • Surviving the World
  • What Would Tyler Durden Do? (This site is a celeb gossip site, but it’s FUNNY – and rude. Tyler Durden is the main bad ass character from Fight Club, the brilliant movie that critiques modern pop culture and the materialistic lifestyle so many people aspire to.)

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