Things I won’t be indulging in…

Things I won’t be indulging in…

… even though it’s so cold and misty. The clouds have fallen asleep on Cape Town, and the achingly cold bite of winter is in the air. The rains have arrived (and are messing up my perfectly styled straight Meeting Hair. It’s ‘mincing’ now, as people from the Cape say). My flat mate told me rather direly that I should budget for three umbrellas being destroyed by Cape Town’s windy, wet, miserable winter. Three umbrellas. I bought one umbrella during my gap year that I expected, rather idealistically I now realise, to last me for the rest of my life.

In this cold weather, I know what to avoid to stay on Mission Succexy – all things delicious, unhealthy and slathered in chocolate. Soup somehow isn’t quite the same as…

Say it with me – SUCCEXY!!!

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3 thoughts on “Things I won’t be indulging in…

  1. SEE, I WARNED people about this in that healthy living website I was working on!! Some med students I was out with told me it’s called the inchretin effect. Your body starts preparing to digest food by secreting insulin. Just SEEING or THINKING about food can make you hungry. Sorry lady…

  2. Soup is better!!! It makes you feel warm and full and really really good about yourself. Every bite a mouthful of vitamins

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