Fridays after lunch…

Fridays after lunch…

… are incredibly boring. I don’t know about other careers and their work ethic, but I can safely say that most magazine offices are pretty empty after 2pm on a Friday, 3pm if something important is happening.

I, however, seem to be incapable of leaving work early. I don’t know why, but it’s probably for the same reason I couldn’t bunk classes in school (I only ever bunked one class – Biology – and felt guilty and anxious the entire time). So I sit here, alone, in my office, squandering time.

I mean, I should actually be working, but my guilt meter – though sensitive – isn’t quite that sensitive.

It is at this time that Helen Hatery McHatingstein comes out to play. Jody Nel, one of my journalist compadres and my greatest digital friend, is clearly stuck in what must be a very similar situation. Fridays after lunch, we are both mind-numbingly bored. That is when he revives Hatery, teasing and insulting people across all social networking platforms. (Read her unofficial biography on

To remind you – Jody invented Hatery to win a rather convoluted argument between us on Facebook. He said to me, “Stop being a hater like Helen Hatery McHatingstein” – or something like that. Then I replied, rather tongue-in-cheek, “I don’t think she even exists!” Twenty minutes later, Hatery appeared – with my profile pic. This thoroughly confused a lot of my friends.

Helen Hatery McHatingstein on Facebook
She's on Facebook too. You might not have noticed (though my goodness I hope you did!) but he changed the profile pic. Google Image search 'Helen' and you'll find this lovely creature smirking next to Helen Hunt. Lovely. Please note that Hatery and I have only ten friends in common - meaning she has her OWN friends and thus her own social life. They grow up so fast, don't they?

She also leaves cockle-of-the-heart warming wall posts like this one:

Helen Hatery McHatingstein wallpost
Friends with Hatery

Helen has also, as of this Friday, a Twitter account. This indicates a dire level of boredom on Jody’s part. She tweets things like this:

Hatery on Twitter

Follow Hatery on Twitter (@HeyHeyHatery), or friend her on Facebook if you’re up for lots of offensive comedy/commentary.

I must confess that this blog entry was the result of lots of spare time and a rather fancy new tool I downloaded that lets me photograph and edit web pages.

Enjoy the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Fridays after lunch…

  1. You’re giving away all my secrets. The whole point of Hatery is that people are supposed to believe (s)he’s REAL. Bad girl.

  2. I thought it was an elaborate practical joke/witty repartee that got out of hand, spiralled out of control and somehow developed into a real person in a situation we can make LOTS of fun of. And Jody, you know I’m a bad girl 😉

  3. That may have been the reason why I created Hatery. But things change. Hatery is a small town ladyboy, trying to make it in the virtual world. (S)he even made a new frenemy yesterday. Darian (sic?) told her about Hatery.

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