Don’t let Phillip leave

Don’t let Phillip leave

But oh God … I don’t think the gun is necessary, do you? Or the rope?

Like a violent fever; excitement, patriotism and vuvuzela blowing raged through South Africa this month. The country caught the gees like a bad cold (you yell ‘Gees!’ out loud and see how many people say ‘Bless you!’) infecting everyone in the playground. The World Cup brought both Fifa and Phillip to South Africa. (In case you don’t know the story behind Phillip: to win the prize at a radio chat show, people phoning in had to give the World Cup’s catch phrase, which is “Feel it! It is here!”, but instead a caller yelled “Phillip! It is here!”)

Fifa may have left, but Phillip doesn’t have to. It’s been a fun, full whirlwind of a month. Fan Parks, live games, bars, drinks with tourists, face paint, flag flying, Fan Walks and fist-shaking at the screen – each a square in the crazy World Cup quilt.

Love for South Africa – patriotism – was demonstrated by South Africans from Soweto to Cape Town. Like the freckled nose on a sun kissed child; flags popped up everywhere. Flags peppered faces, cars and shirts; were painted on vuvuzelas, worn as capes, tied to buildings and waved from hands. People showed their true colours this month: all six of them.

Rosslee Guess and Julia Short know which six I mean.

Why should we stop? It’s been fun having Phillip here, are we going to kick him out just because the other guests left? Let’s not turn this into an awkward party, people. Keep the car socks on. It’s still cold out there, and my car’s little ears will get nippy in this winter weather without them.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep the gees PWC (post-World Cup), gathered from friends and family:

  • Keep your car socks on!
  • Wear your South African flag-cape on meeting days at work (illustrating your heroic take on issues)
The outfit just says 'business professional'.
The outfit just says 'business professional'.
  • Carry a vuvuzela around instead of a whistle or mace (patriotic self protection!)
  • Paint a flag on your cheek, or over your entire face, and act completely nonchalant about it. (It’s very strange trying to talk to someone seriously about Very Important Things while they’re face is covered in bright colours).
  • Surprise your colleagues by hiding behind things, jumping out and yelling ‘Gees!’ at them. Patriotism attack!
  • Learn a new language, whether it be Afrikaans or Zulu.
  • Support a local soccer team – like Ajax, or the Kaiser Cheifs.
  • Make yourself a gees CD, featuring these spirit laden songs (and of course anything else that moves you):
    • Waka waka – Shakira feat Freshly Ground
    • Show dem – JR feat HHP
    • Waving flag – K’naan
    • Special star – Mango Groove
    • More than a feeling – Boston
    • The sound of victory – R. Kelly
    • Africa – Toto

I caught the gees this month with a vengeance. Aside from socks, my car also has an increasingly bedraggled flag sticking out of the window. I watched sport (voluntarily), chatted with foreigners and wore flags in my hair, on my face and on my shirt.

Samantha Steele
I can wear this to work, right?

So the World Cup’s over, so what? South Africa is still running strong, our patriotism should as well. This is the one cold I don’t want to lose; I hope Phillip gets comfortable. Gees! (Bless you.)

If you have any suggestions for other songs Phillip would like, leave suggestions in the comment box below!


One thought on “Don’t let Phillip leave

  1. Think your next blog entry should be about ‘Matthew’ (thats me) and NOT Phillip… Whoever that is. 🙂 love you sam :*

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