I am now, through a tornado-like snowballing series of increasingly uncontrollable events, friends with just about all of my employers on Facebook.

I realise this could have potentially disastrous consequences for several reasons.

  1. I have read many, many articles telling me how disastrous this could be (like this one).
  2. I occasionally do things outside of the office that I would not do inside of the office. (I put the ‘occasionally’ in there so it looks like it doesn’t happen all the time, ja I’m clever nogal).
  3. These things that I do outside of the office, well, they are things I probably shouldn’t share with people that look at me as an Outstanding Young Member of Society.
  4. I want my nice likeable colleagues (seriously, they’re fun and nice and make me laugh) to like me too; and not think I’m a boozy crazy lady.
  5. In other words, I don’t want them to think I’m an irresponsible wretch who shouldn’t be feeding herself, let alone assisting with Important Tasks.
  6. What if I let something slip? I must now watch every Facebook status like a hawk; posting things that are tasteful, funny and intelligent so that I in turn look tasteful, funny and intelligent.
What, me, go out? NEVER. I only ever help sickly, cute, orphaned children on weekends. OK, she's not sickly, or an orphan. But still. Seriously. Look at me hugging her. Cute, right?

It’s not like I’m a crazy person who drinks like a sailor every chance I get; but I am a young adult doing young-adultish things in a fun city with fun people. But maybe all the dire articles on the topic have made me more wary than I need to be. Work colleagues are people too, right, people that also do things out of the office that they wouldn’t do in the office. I’m hoping that considerate reason would be the dominating force behind a character judgement, and not a whiplash of puritanical opinion.

Facebook makes reputation management more tricky than it used to be. It’s not just you posting things about you; it’s also people commenting about you, tagging you in pictures. In other words, it’s not just you opening the blinds and letting people look into your window.

See, now this is me with famous people. The Locnville twins (they are young musicians jeesh why can't you people KEEP UP!) Some people would think this is good for my reputation (i.e. chilling with famous people) whereas others would think I shouldn't be out with boys in a place that serves alcohol.

The great thing about Facebook is that everyone is on it. Contrariwise, the terrible thing about Facebook is that everyone’s on it.

This post came about today because I read this article (linked to above as well) on Facebook, and because I saw this hilarious slideshow on the types of people that use Facebook (linked to below). To be quite frank, I got very excited because the ‘Share button’ on the slideshow let me link to WordPress instead of just the normal Facebook/Twitter/other-shit-people-use, and I thought wow! Maybe it’ll show the slideshow IN MY BLOG!

Well, it doesn’t. You have to click on the link below to view it.

Annoying Facebook Friends and Profiles Humor:

I have a deep fear that I am one of these people; accidentally annoying my gabazillion Facebook friends with my social media presence. I’m sure as hell annoyed every now and again by the types of people illustrated in the slideshow on the ever-growing internet party.

I would appreciate a tasteful heads-up if that’s the case, rather than the silent clicking of the ‘x’ next to my name. Lord knows, I don’t want to be in-YOUR-Facebook.


7 thoughts on “In-your-Facebook

  1. you can prevent your friends from seeing stuff… notice no one ever sees my tagged pics?
    side not: of course *you* would fb your boss smh

  2. Create groups such as “Colleagues” and change your settings to exclude them from certain things. For example, click the little lock next to “Share” and type a name into the “Hide this from” box, and they won’t see it. This also works to block groups of people. Very handy at times!

    1. Thanks guys for the helpful advice. I guess the point I was trying to make (rather poorly) is that the world as we know it changing. With the internet, and social networking, lines are blurring between ‘private’ and ‘personal’. Facebook just illustrates this more starkly.

  3. Dear Sam,
    I ditto the comments about the privacy settings and grouping people so you can hide your ‘young adult’ activities. Then again you should have thought twice about confirming your boss’ friend request (or sending it out if you were the requestee).

    That all being said, several friends of mine have told me how easy it is to stalk someone on facebook with or without privacy settings (if you ask nicely, I might let you know). A specific friend had to un-friend an ex-boyfriend because she kept stalking him and whomever he communicates with on facebook!!

    1. I work on the FB fan pages of the various publications, so it was a necessary evil, so to speak.

      Yeah and about the stalking – I changed all my privacy settings, which apparantly has made no difference! As far as I know people can browse my page even if we aren’t friends.

      Ag I’m not TOO worried about it; I just think that this is something you must be aware of, you know. Lucky my colleagues are all quite chilled.

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