Brains are good

Brains are good

There are many wonderful things to be said about brains.

Medical students tell me they are very useful.

Brains are the OCD bossy older sibling of the body, telling everything what to do. The brain also occasionally gets headaches, stopping all other activity, and tends to get songs stuck in it.

My point is that we use the brain for a lot of things, and one of them is ruminating.

Goat - ruminating
Goats ruminate too, but it's different to when our brains ruminate (or so I'm told).

Look. More goats:

Widdle small baby goatsAren’t they cute?

Anyway. I was talking about ruminating.

Ruminating is another word for thinking – chewing on thoughts over, and over, and over again.

Now ruminate + internet = This is a site dedicated to recording people’s random thoughts.

Below is a collection of my current favourites:


I'm SURE she looked less crazy when you met.

Every freaking time...
I swear to you, every freaking time. When I'm alone my stomach is as silent as the grave. WTF.

Reading baby
And Michel said, "Aaaah, a spider."

And the one I know I shouldn’t do…

It's just common decency.

One thought on “Brains are good

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