Cupcakes… or are they?

Cupcakes… or are they?

These baked apple ‘cupcakes’ (via Baking with Basil) look delicious and healthy.

Mission Succexy (especially the ‘sexy’ part) is on full swing – calorie counting, swimming and running – so these should make a great breakfast one morning I think!

Baked Apple 'Cupcakes' I'm still trying to get my sugar levels back in check after coming off a 2 month binge of sweets and savory meals – which is totally worth every single bite, don't get me wrong!!  It's going to be especially hard today/tonight/this weekend because it's my (cough cough….30th) birthday!!  I figured I would start off the day on the right foot, knowing very well that it will quickly lead me to something sinfully wonderful temptation later on. One o … Read More

via Baking with Basil


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