I don’t normally post anything on a Sunday morning, but this Sunday morning I’m sitting alone in a very busy coffee shop on my laptop. I’m waiting for my brother, you see, who is currently at the provincial trials for waterpolo. It’s kind of a huge deal.

waterpoloIf he gets in he’ll be playing Big Boy Polo for the provincial team. And he’s out of highschool so the stakes are a lot higher.

Anyway, the point is I now sitting alone in a buzzing  restaurant, greedily taking up a four seater table while the waitress tries to kill me with her death stare. I’m also beginning to realise that I should have brought my power cable.

There’s nothing quite like sitting alone (can’t say that enough) to bring out your inner loser. I have a sudden desire to stand up, clink my now empty coffee cup and announce: “I have friends, you know. I’m actually waiting for someone right now. Oh look, I got an SMS!” before sitting down again.

Then I found this song, that both encapsulates how I feel now, and just kind if how I feel this year.


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