Love to Japan

Love to Japan

My mind has been invaded by the increasingly devastating disasters in Japan.

Some calamities dig their claws into body and brain, while others sweep by in the stream of news; easily forgotten.

Japan’s calamity has made a home in my mind, a home of pictures, numbers (8.9 quake, 10m waves, 2000 bodies washed ashore), and video footage.

It’s almost like a movie: you think things can’t get worse, but they do. The potential nuclear disaster just seems… well, unfair and unkind when heaped in with the shockingly powerful quake, aftershocks and tsunamis.

But why should we care, right? I’ll tell you why. No, I’ll show you why:

Also, Takeshi’s Castle:

It’s so insane all it’s own, you don’t need drugs!

And finally:

Without Japan, the lyrics would be weird(er) and they wouldn’t work. “I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so!” sounds so much better than “I think I’m turning Zanzibarian, I think I’m turning Zanzibarian I really think so!”, don’t you think?

What do you love about Japan?


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