Just a thought

Just a thought

I am too busy and high-powered and very, very important to blog for you this week (or lazy? NO WAY OF KNOWING hahaha!) so thought instead I’d leave you with this picture that got me thinking.

Would very seriously love to hear your anwsers in the comment section below!


8 thoughts on “Just a thought

  1. Wow, i’ll be older. My nephew will be a few months old 🙂 . I’ll have experienced more… I can’t really say because the idea is so great. A year might seem short nowadays, but a lot can happen.

  2. I hope I’ll look back at the worries I have today and wonder why I worried about them in the first place … the small irritating ones. Will they matter in a year? Probably not … but I’m going to worry about them now anyway …

  3. Deep.
    All I can think about is the fact that I’ll be a mother. I’ll have a baby. Warren and I will be a family-of-3 (as you can see just variations of the same thought). The idea is just so enormous and un-think-through-able. I imagine it’s the biggest thing that will change (I hope).

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