Find of the week

Find of the week

Stealing sucks, right?


That’s why the find of the week is this awesome Anti-Theft Lunch bag.

anti-theft sandwich bag
That's not real mould. It is a real sandwich though.

It’s a genius twist on the Ziplock bag and ensures that your office fridge is a happy fridge. I find, that at my office anyway, the fridge is a source of many office heartaches, politics and issues. We get pretty much fortnightly emails about cleaning the fridge, dire warnings about stealing other people’s lunches and there is a constant battle for spoons.

See loads more of these funny notes here:

The other find of the week (that is more accurately the ‘find of the local elections’ because I found them several weeks ago) is the Cape Party.

Cape Party logo
Their logo: the Cape as an independent state. The only words that come to mind are befuddled and rude ones.

They want to ‘End ANC rule forever’ and make the Cape independent. Yes. I know. WTF. On so, so many levels. Will be discussing this at length using the full power of my vitriol and sarcasm soon.

Now have a happy weekend and drink the good drink and sleep the good sleep.

And here’s a hilarious 5 second film (that I can’t work out how to embed here), so just click on the link:


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