Short and sweet

Short and sweet

David Fullarton good natured

Illustration by the very talented David Fullarton.

In a strange way, this illustration reminds me of the Short and Sweet Film Festival currently showing in Cape Town.

It’s quirky and different, lovely but creepy. Just like the short film festival. It’s unmissable.

Sure, the Dream Factory on Orphan Street is now brimming with hipsters – after all, it’s only R20 to fill your need for obscurity (you’ll be watching a lot of short films no one’s heard of). Obscurity is like hipster catnip. Regardless of the many, many skinny pants and odd hats prancing pretentiously around the venue; this is worth it.

I saw this really remarkable short film on a man suffering from OCD at the festival last week. There are almost no words (except for a whispered counting in French) and film is very graphic and visual. If you can spare ten minutes…

However, if you don’t like short films, you should go for the cranberry blondies.

Image credit:

They’re amazing!

The last evening of the film festival is tomorrow. Catch it if you can!


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