Quarter-life crisis

Quarter-life crisis

Results of the last 365-day spin around the globe:

> I am 25. TWENTY-FIVE. That’s like, a grown up age. Kick start the quarter-life crisis! Am I doing the right thing with my life? Should I travel more? Work more? Work differently? Drink more? Drink less? Take a gap year, stop what I’m doing, do more of what I’m doing? WHERE IS THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL ON LIFE?

> I discovered red velvet cake (am never going back now). And I made a cake in a jar! Winning.

Soooo many candles... baked by the awesome Jerusha!

> Befriended the sweet and lovely Jerusha; she’s been a real salve on the tough times and a sparkler during the awesome times (and she is directly linked to my discovery of red velvet cake). I’m not sure I’ve always reciprocated – but without Jerusha making me chicken soup from scratch  when I was sick and miserable, orchestrating amazing birthday parties for me and feeding my leettle brother red velvet cupcakes, this year would have been a far less pleasant one.

MY little brother!! Angus and Jerusha are very cute together though...

> Regardless of my insecurities; I landed a great job with wonderful people where I am paid to perfect a new skill! How awesome is that? Since January 2010 I have quadrupled my salary, working my way up from internship to internship to full time real-person, rent-paying, parentless job.

> With Mission Succexy I have trimmed more than 5cm off various body parts, lost 6kg and can now out run Fit Kelli (on the flats!)

Fit Kelli is very inspirational!

> I met and fell in love with an amazing man, also known as The Boyfriend. I’ve been driving friends (poor Jerusha the most) and family (even my mom is getting annoyed with me) crazy with my constant nattering: “The Boyfriend this…” and “The Boyfriend that…”. But I can’t help myself! What kind of awesome man makes you laugh, gives you fantastic Tim Burton poetry books for your birthday, and deals with All The Crazy in a sweet and caring way?

Tim Burton the melon head
'The Melon Head' by Tim Burton
richard middleton and I
Us at our weekend away for a friend's wedding - so much fun! Even with heels he's significantly taller than me... (useful for changing lightbulbs, I've found).

> I’ve also got the Dexter girls in my life! We meet once a week, drool over Dexter (despite the whole serial killer thing he’s cute!) and share dinner, dessert, laughs and moral support. Thanks for being there, you wonderful people.

Me and my Dexter girls! All that's missing from this pic is my little chai latte, Jerusha. No idea what she was doing while this was being taken.

> Last but not least, and this hasn’t been a change or a new addition during the last year, but I want to thank my mom and brothers for being consistently wonderful and supportive. Having a weekly breakfast date with Angus keeps me happy and sane, speaking to my mom during highs, lows and cooking catastrophes has kept me content and smiling, and laughing with Matt over anything and everything puts me in a great mood all the time. Thanks you guys for being there for me!

Angus, me and Matthew. Please note that despite the height issue, I am the oldest here.
My mom and Angus at my birthday party.

Quarter-life crisis aside, I have high hopes for 25.


6 thoughts on “Quarter-life crisis

  1. Loveliest Sam,

    I hope your Chai Latte passed on birthday wishes from me (she’s reliable like that, so I’m pretty sure she did). Your picture with Fit Kelli reminded me of a few weeks back when I was standing in her kitchen and we were talking about you. Kelli began telling the running story only for me to excitedly shout “I know that story! I totally know that story! I read Sam’s blog post; so you’re THAT Kelli!”. Too much of awesome 🙂 How was your death metal experience, btw?

    1. Ha ha Kelli LOVES telling that story! That’s so awesome that you read about her and didn’t know she was Fit Kelli ha ha 🙂 Luckily The Boyfriend was too tired to take me to the concert, though he played me the band (Death Something or Something Black) in the car – and they weren’t terrible!

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