I am in the long, tiring and tedious process of moving.

meg coops twitter
Hard to disagree with this tweet.

Last night I tackled my kitchen, and, more scarily, my fridge. That’s when I discovered various Tupperware that had been quietly lurking in the back of the fridge, slowly growing a mould army – ready to attack when they had amassed enough forces. Lucky I intercepted before the Tupperware was ready to claim the fridge, and then – the WORLD!

Anyway, immediately after dealing with that I saw this The Oatmeal cartoon that I think is preeeeeetty accurate. It won’t let me load it here, so do yourselves a favour and click on the link!



One thought on “Tupperware

  1. I read “the oatmeal cartoon” and i agree 100%!! By the time i find the lid, it has become useless because it has cracked. Tupperware lids crack when they are not used , within a year or so, i realized.

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