Reasons to be happy this Friday

Reasons to be happy this Friday

1. It is a really beautiful day in Cape Town.

Lion's Head
View of Lion's Head from Gardens with a sapphire blue sky. Taken with my Blackberry; pretty cool hey?

2. It’s Friday, so I feel like I’m living in a macaroon (no; NOT sticky and dark but rather sweet and easy to share).

3. I baked red velvet cupcakes last night and they were completely DEVOURED at work today. This validates my life long thoughts that I am an awesome baker.

red velvet cupcakes
My self-made and self-decorated red velvet cupcakes. Yes, I am THAT amazing.

4. I do not have facial hair (though The Boyfriend is valiantly growing his own to make-up for the both of us. Insert eye-roll here.)

stick on moustache
Me with a moustache. Shmexy, no?

5. Finally, though this might make a few of you want to hurl into the bins next to your desk, I must say that it is wonderful having a wonderful boyfriend who posts wonderful songs on your Facebook wall. Like the one he posted today:

Happy weekend nice people!


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