Coldplay in South Africa

Coldplay in South Africa

“I’m getting too old for this,” I told my mother with a sigh. We’d been in the car for at least forty minutes, waiting to leave the parking bay – just so we could get in the queue to leave the parking lot. “Yeah,” my mom agreed, “I think this will be my last concert.”

She’s a liar, of course.

My mom and I
My mother and I at the concert. I just noticed now that we're wearing the same colours.

As far back as I can remember my mom has been causing me excruciating humiliation and adolescent pain by dancing on tables and just jamming to music; while I sit meekly and often quite pinkly in the corner.

Besides, we both were just frustrated that our time in the car had equaled, nay – exceeded – our time at the concert. As had our time in the drinks queue: people were buying six-packs by the time they got to the front. Since this is a tough concept to grasp, I illustrated it in my Very Scientific Graph (below).

pie chart concert
You can see that I put a lot of research into this. This isn't based on just the one concert, no way.

And since I’m quite short, any time in crowds equals a lot of time at armpit level.  Armpit level is less than ideal. Armpit level is… quite smell intensive. It’s also difficult to see the stage with a forest of chests, heads, hair and hats stretching out over my head and eclipsing any peeks of the stage I might have had.

My view
My view... armpit level. I'm pretty confident I've posted this pic before in this blog, but hey, I haven't grown - why should this blog?

I didn’t have much to complain about though – it was the Coldplay concert, I was with my mom (since I moved to Cape Town I don’t see her as much as I’d like), and it was a free ticket! And it was the Coldplay concert! I’ve been getting depressed while listening to ‘The Scientist’ for years. Their album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends was on repeat during all of my third year at varsity. I know the lyrics to ‘Violet Hill’ off by heart.

When I got to Soccer City (after stagnating in traffic for over an hour) I realised I was more of a Coldplay fan than I had realised. Thank goodness I didn’t have the foresight to buy myself a ticket: otherwise I could never have gone for free with my mom! The band played all my favourite songs (to which I sang along poorly and loudly) and I discovered that lead singer Chris Martin is hilarious. They shot a scene for their new music video of ‘Paradise’ (set in South Africa) at our concert, and as Chris was putting on his ridiculous elephant costume he said, “If you remember one thing from the concert, this better not be it. We are a Very Serious Band.” It was fantastic!

Soccer City
Soccer Ciy, taken with my Blackberry.

The awesome, beautiful music video for ‘Paradise’ ^

Despite the horrendously, horrendously drunk people in front of us (I have never seen my mother, the kind psychologist, get that close to yanking someone’s hair out by the roots) and the hours spent waiting for things, it was a really cool concert. The lighting and sound were excellently done, and it was clear that the band was just having an awesome time on stage.

Here are some of my favourite Coldplay songs – it won’t be quite the same as the live performance, but hey; at least it’s something.

And, of course, The Scientist:


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