Clap Your Hands Say…

Clap Your Hands Say…


“They look like typical depressed Jewish New Yorkers,” Mia shouted in my ear while the lead singer jammed with minimal movement. Great music, yes, great stage presence? Not so much. “The lead singer looks like Woody Allen!” she chortled, and I had to agree. Woody Allen with a guitar.

This low key Indie band, with a very enthusiastic name (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah [CYHSY]) drew quite the crowd of Capetonians; yes, mainly (if not exclusively,) hipsters. Tight jeans and home-made jewellery filled the crowd.

“I heard the revolution never happened,” Alec Ounsworth (lead singer) mumbled into the mic, closing his eyes behind his big glasses. Mia turned to me, “This is the only band you can’t sing along with because no one can hear the words!” We both laughed and mumbled along to the tune; “Mmmmm gmamgmmaa”.

Highlights of the gig for me:

  • Free tickets!
  • Long chats with Mia
  • Bumping into my cousin
  • Seeing CYHSY (of course!!)
  • Sneaking into the VIP section


  • Being kicked out of the VIP section
  • Long wait to see CYHSY
  • Realisation that I am turning into an old lady who considers 11pm VERY late for the lead band to start
  • Being unable to take a single useable picture of me and Mia

Below is a slideshow of my pictures of the gig:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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