50 Shades of Awesome

50 Shades of Awesome

So the coolest book on the block is 50 Shades of Grey by Twilight enthusiast E.L. James. It stars Anastasia Steele, the virginal heroine who falls in love with power-house Christian Grey. The two start a BDSM-based sex-relationship (DISCLAIMER: I haven’t actually read the book), a la Mills & Boones with lots of sexy details and descriptions of sex scenes and sexiness. 

My only involvement with said novel was an article I wrote about erotica (citing 50 Shades as a popular example), with interviews of South African authors of erotica in the August issue of Marie Claire.

But it seems my role in Mills & Boones-esque literature wasn’t yet done.

My favourite sex-blogger and internet person, Dorothy Black, couldn’t stop imagining me while she read the book. All because of my glorious surname: STEELE.


She wrote a funny little blog post about my role in her imagination (as well as a promise that she didn’t wank to the many, many sex scenes of me and hot guy she pictured me with).

the dot spot excerpt
A screen shot from her blog with my Twitter avatar.

I can’t help feeling both flattered and amused. Nothing like starring in an erotica novel (though only in one person’s imagination) to give the ego a much-needed boost in the throes of a ‘too-much-carbs’ winter.

Ben Barnes: guy I was sexing in her mind.

In completely unrelated news, having a long-distance boyfriend in this rainy, cold Cape Town weather makes me a miserable Sam. Where is my cuddle partner? My default activity partner? My handsome hugger? In Jo-LAMES-burg, that’s where!

At least I have these tweets to keep me amused…




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