Five (indie) songs you should listen to

Five (indie) songs you should listen to

The right song can help with the wrong moment, and some songs define times of your life like nothing else can. Avril Lavigne was the playlist of highschool, The Killers was got me through a bad crush, Coldplay through another, and Florence and the Machine played on repeat in my recent past. But aside from the mainstream, I also love obscure indie music – often with a beat but melancholy lyrics. Here are five fantastic songs, similar to each other but completely different, worth a listen.

Metric – Breathing Underwater

I have nurtured a deep love for Metric for a few years now (in fact this blog is named after their song ‘Succexy’). They have a great mix of meaningful lyrics, a poppy beat and sad vocals that I just find addictive.

‘Night are days/ we beat a path through the mirrored maze/ I can see the end/ but it hasn’t happened yet.’

Haim – Don’t Save Me

A fun 80s sound and great vocals make this a song I want to keep on repeat – intertwining faux-nostalgia (that would be the 80s influence) with a beat.

‘Take me back, ta-ta-take me back to the way that I was before / Hungry for what was to come / Now I’m longing for the way I was.’

The Echo Friendly – Same Mistakes

Taken from the Girls Season One soundtrack, this song fills me with melancholy and the rather lame realisation that if you were to scratch me, I’m still a teenager who hasn’t sorted anything out yet.

‘I make the same mistakes / Feels like I never learn / Always give way too much / For little in return.’

Wayves – Demon to Lean On

I rarely find myself listening to male vocals, but the lead singer from Wayves has a gritty/smooth sound that is just addictive…

‘The truth is that it hurts / And what’s it really worth? / No hope and no future / Holding a gun to my head.’

Metric – The Void

I really, really love Metric. And this (non-official) music video is quite fun to watch (I get flashbacks of Napolean Dynamite…). Enjoy!

‘All night, like a fool / I stayed up to prove / I can keep up with you.’



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