Well. I have reached Ultimate Domesticity: Level Housewife.

It was on Sunday that the realisation hit.

I was baking cupcakes, cleaning the kitchen, tidying the room, and struggling, struggling oh so hard, to knit my ever-expanding scarf into something actually resembling a scarf instead of a slowly growing triangular poncho.

The visual of my Ultimate Domesticity was completed for me Sunday evening when I was getting tense from the cold, while knitting with my boyfriend’s mom (as if that isn’t sign enough). With a knitted jersey around my shoulders and a crocheted blanket on my knees, knitting needles in my hand and my poor struggling scarf slowly growing, I realised that with a small pair of glasses I would look exactly like somebody’s grandmother.

Not quite the cool, crocheting look I was going for, a la Pinterest.

And my scarf was slowly eking out its existence on my knitting needles. Growing bit by bit, stitch my stitch, ever longer, and yes, ever wider.


This foray into knitting is all part of my Renaissance Sam plan. New city, new Sam. Instead of spending hours watching TV shows, I would read (which I do, endlessly, on my fantastic Kindle Paperwhite), I would pick up hobbies again – I used to paint, now, Pinterest inspired, I would crochet and knit and be Extremely Useful and Very Handy. No neck will ever be cold again, with the amount of scarves I’ll knit! I’ll be a scarf superhero!! I WILL BE A KNITTING MACHINE.

At the moment, however, I am merely … a beginner knitter.

And I’m OK with that.

And my poncho-scarf.

Here’s some of my crocheting inspiration from Pinterest (you can follow my crochet board here)
 6bf84a70917e3017a1ffd3ce3c39c336 9c930a4c1db53b7ba0952e4292ae7d85 473f963438b8ed6bae41c6f03abd913d 507789c08aea941ecb8e0e25bcb4c9c3 Crochet_Cactus_blue_white_background fdbbe6700b190cf4d7aa90daa61bb8c1

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