Thank God for the Internet

I was musing the other day on the strange dichotomy of the Internet.

On the one hand, there’s unrelenting bile (as my uncle Pierre de Vos wrote, hell is other people – trolling the internet

But on the other hand, there’s unbelievable generosity. How many times have I turned to the Internet for guidance and advice, and found it? It’s more than possible to learn how to knit or how to play a particular song through the many free tutorials available online. I even found a website that is exclusively dedicated to posting, for free, old knitting machine guides – which is the main reason I’ve worked out how to do a variety of things on my machine (thanks for the early bday present, Boyfriend!)

I was musing about the internet when I was looking for a Cirque de la Symphonie video to share. I went to a performance this weekend, and it was really incredible and more than worth the subsequent small talk involved in the evening.

So this is a little note to say, thank-you, human kind, for being good, caring, and generous. Even though sometimes you are full of bile.


2 thoughts on “Thank God for the Internet

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Talking about humankind and generosity on the Interwebs – I have found WordPress to be filled with many willing to share their experiences and reach out to others.
    Have a fun time in Dubai! x

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