Runny Babbit launch!

Runny Babbit launch!

I’m afraid I might be a dork.

As I might have mentioned before, I’ve turned into somewhat of a knitting enthusiast. I’ve also discovered the hilarious things that can be done with cross stitch.

An example of hilarious cross stitch

Quite fortunately for me, it turns out quite a lot of people like my whimsical knitting creations (and I’ve been teaching myself all sort of new skills, like knitting in the round – which I first read about in this hilarious blog post by a male knitter –Β  and cabling)

runny babbit penguin
This little fellow was knitted in the round

so I’ve tentatively launched Runny Babbit; my knitting store.

Runny babbit logo
Thank-you so much to Pistachio Designs and Bianca Romanos for this stunning logo design!!

I’m on Hello Pretty, and have a Facebook page (three more like to get 80!! Like it – it’s a fun page). Most importantly, I’ve launched a whole other blog to vent my crafting woes, share my latest projects, and the ridiculous things I’ve found in the crafting world, so follow that for a few, more niche, laughs.

WONDERFUL present by a friend – hand knitted!! It says ‘I knit so I don’t kill people.’ LOVE this.




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