Fit Bitch: Step One

Fit Bitch: Step One

It is with much trepidation that I set down these words, because this, my friends, is a COMMITMENT. A PUBLIC COMMITMENT.



(Or anyway, a fitter bitch).

I was invited to participate in the 100 days fitness challenge. Full disclosure, the PR team contacted me, asked me to participate as a blogger, and paid for my entry to the challenge. This is the first campaign I’ve done on my blog, and after much humming-and-hawing, I decided to accept their offer because damn, I wanna be a fit bitch. And maybe being asked to blog about it once a week, take before and after photos and go for a check up at Dischem would push me to do it. The challenge runs from 1 July – 31 October and I’m hoping that by the time the December holiday rolls around, I won’t be rolling around anymore.


And today shit got real. The starter pack was delivered to my office, and it was packed with vitamins, protein shakes, healthy food and even a voucher to Sweat 1000.


You know who does Sweat 1000? Perfectly toned celebrities like Zuraida Jardine and stunner Pearl Thusi.

#Reporst #Part3 #DanceAfrica sessions after @sweat_1000 @pearlthusi @mikastefano

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I am indeed going to be the potato amongst the roses.

But you know what? Yeah, sure, this is definitely partly motivated by weight loss. But it’s more motivated by a desire to be fit again. When I lived in Cape Town, I used to go for regular runs and I felt fabulous. My body worked properly. I felt sexy and happy and alive. And having a strong body, even if not as skinny as I’d like, is actually what I really want back. And sadly, things like that aren’t handed out. You have to work at them.

I’ll be doing a daily Instagram with the #wia100healthydays hashtag, and I’m going to really push myself to at least start taking those first slow steps to getting fit again.

Join me and you could win R20 000 for most transformed physique! Send me pics if you’re taking place, or your stories, or comment below. We can support each other, because it definitely isn’t easy.

(Though I will be sad to be losing boob weight. Can’t they just leave them alone?!)




10 thoughts on “Fit Bitch: Step One

  1. Hahaha- I look forward to your other blog entries! It is soooo funny, and true! I can see myself over a month or three asking my husband :’but are they still big enough for you!?!’

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