If food told you the truth | Fit Bitch

If food told you the truth | Fit Bitch


Today is the first day of the well.i.am challenge, and it was with much sadness that I looked in the mirror on my way out the house and acknowledged that I really need this. This was just after I put my mascara on and then, while it was still wet, sneezed. With black tracks on my carefully prepared face I felt slightly despondent but am glad that I’m on the right track with the rest of my life.

My gym bag is in the car, I’m eating oats with apples and cinnamon as per my new eating plan, and I ambitiously plan to drink 2L of water today.

But not all food is so obnoxiously healthy.

I stumbled across this pic of ‘If food told you the truth’ which I thought perfectly set the mood for today – and it doesn’t help that our food editor is serving us brownies and other goodies this week, and Friday is the office boerewors and pancake day. WHY, UNIVERSE, WHY?


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Full disclosure, the PR team contacted me, asked me to participate as a blogger, and paid for my entry to the challenge.


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