It has been a Hard Week | Fit Bitch

It has been a Hard Week | Fit Bitch

Some weeks are just the worst. And that was last week for me. It was a Hard Week.


I think it was a Hard Week because I’m channeling a lot of stress. Some people work out stress by running. I work it out by reaching for anything with calories. It’s safe to say the challenge took a bit of a back seat – the shame! It’s month one!!

But hear my excuses. El Boyfriendo and I are moving to our first ever house at the end of the month, so we’re broke and half our lives are in boxes. I started therapy, which is tough because it makes you Deal with All the Things. You can’t keep Various Things you’ve swept under the rug, under the rug anymore. And they often leave the rug with a few tears. And also we had a baby shower for my lovely pregnant colleagues, which meant Cake. Cake. More Cake. I also packed my takkies into one of approximately 1847583893928374 boxes, which shows how little exercise has featured on my To Do list recently.

Here is a series of images illustrating my week:




Well, I can’t
I salt my salad with my tears.
Don’t tell all the Tim Noakes folks…

Wish me luck for next week!

Full disclosure, the PR team contacted me, asked me to participate as a blogger, and paid for my entry to the challenge.




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