Pilansberg Photodiary

Pilansberg Photodiary

Recently I went on a pretty spectacular trip to the Pilansberg with my family from the USA. Instead of trying to paint a word picture, I thought I’d put up actual photographs I took. I love wildlife photography!

giraffe licking tongue
Giraffes have some of the longest tongues in the animal kingdom – here is one trying to lick it’s nostril!
The most giraffes I’ve ever seen together, having a little pow wow.
Giraffes often chew bones for the calcium – this is not a hunter!

‘I want the bone!’
The bone dropping to the floor

giraffe wIMG_0646edit wIMG_0658edit wIMG_0665edit

A herd of giraffes doesn’t sound elegant enough, isn’t there a more elegant term for it?
And now going the other way…
A little rhino suckling


webIMG_0816editwebIMG_0792edit webIMG_0857edit webIMG_0880edit webIMG_0885edut wIMG_0462edit wIMG_0478edit wIMG_0481edit wIMG_0482edit wIMG_0492edit wIMG_0515edit wIMG_0517edit wIMG_0536edit


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