Enough is enough | Fit Bitch

Enough is enough | Fit Bitch

It finally happened. I got sick of being this person:

Suddenly, over the weekend, the final straw landed on the camel’s back and I realised I was actually gatvol. Gatvol of fighting with my wardrobe, gatvol of feeling blerghy, heavy, ugly and sluggish. And gatvol of dreading summer.

Like all my epiphanies, it was Pinterest inspired and this was the quote that pushed me over the edge:

motivational quote
This is now sticking on my fridge – the cool, icy rectangle of temptation.

With the well i am deadline looming ever nearer, and Christmas only 15 Fridays away, I decided to FINALLY get off my ass. So I picked up my phone and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app.

Without it I eat a bit like this...
Without it I eat a bit like this…

I’ve tried what feels like hundreds of ways of losing weight, and a food diary/ calorie counter is the only way that works for me. I can’t do rigid diets (like Tim Noakes) and a food diary lets me eat a little chocolate if I want to. It’s the only way I’ve previously lost and kept weight off – it was only when I stopped using an online food diary and dived into a pit of depression (and then into a pile of cookies and love when I moved in with El Boyfriendo) that the weight piled back on.

And I seriously love this app (it’s free!). I entered my weight, my goal weight, and how much I wanted to lose a week; and from this info it gave me a daily calorie intake. As I go through the day I log what I eat and my exercise and it gives me the amount of calories I have left. It even lets me scan in barcodes and get the kilojoules from there – which makes me feel like a techno genius.


So get ready to say good-bye to this awesome ass (though who are we kidding, I will never have a flattie).

And get ready to watch this:


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