From a Good Wife addict | Season 5 music compilation

Unlike El Boyfriendo, who is basically a well educated puppy (he loves digging in the garden too), I can happily, easily, and with much joy plop down in front of the TV and watch an entire TV season from start to finish on a Sunday.

One series that’s captivated my attention and that I LOVE is the The Good Wife. And what really kicked Season 5 up a few notches for me was the amazing soundtrack! David Buckley did a phenomenal job of writing an excellent score, and the other music was pretty great too.

So, because I am really quite lovely, I’ve collected most of the music from Season 5 below – with much help from a site I found called TuneFinder. Enjoy!

The amazing score!

And a bit more hardcore – the music from Colin Sweeney’s party and arrest…


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