John Oliver and the home store

I love John Oliver. I loved him in Community:


I loved him as a correspondent on Jon Stewart:


And now I love him as the host to his own show called Last Week Tonight. Watch his rants; they are brilliant, sharp, and scathingly on point (his ones about sugar and net neutrality were hugely enjoyable).

One brilliant video he put up recently was about the danger of home stores – I’m looking at you Builder’s Warehouse – they suck you in and make you fight about the most trivial things. Watch the rather hilarious video below:

Aside from making a statement about the divisive nature of any home shop (I never thought I’d yell at someone about nails in Builder’s Warehouse) this video also features H Jon Benjamin; the voice talent behind Bob from Bob’s Burgers. (As an aside, isn’t weird when you recognise a voice and find yourself going through all the voices you’ve recorded in your head until you find the right one?)

(Also, what does the H stand for?)

Like going to the home store, I’ve forgotten why I’m here. Have a great weekend.


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