The curse of the accidentally trendy

The curse of the accidentally trendy

I spent my whole life woefully uncool, and eventually, from sheer practicality and self-preservation, decided to lean into it.

Aside from a brief but fervent, nay, ecstatic, passion for the Spice Girls (I used to photocopy magazine articles from the library for my Spice Girls book  – and if there’s a more 90s sentence than that in the world please do share in the comments) I’ve never been ‘on trend’.


What’s a Beyoncè? What’s up with all the soft slices of midriff I see everywhere, perched between high waisted pants and a short shirt? What do you mean coral is in (and not in like a diving way)?  Fleek? On fleek? FLEEK?!


Anyway. You can imagine my dismay when the flower of choice for my wedding – proteas – are POPULAR now. Good God! WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Suddenly proteas are on every popular website. They’re in trendy Swedish craft blogs and they’re prolific on Pinterest.



TREND ALERT? What is happening? AM I DRUNK?


Here they’re described as ‘tropical’ and ‘exotic’:


It’s like my worst nightmare.

And I mean, I KNOW that’ ridiculous. I feel a bit like


But you know what’s terrible about trends? They weave in and out of popular opinion. It makes me doubt EVERYTHING … ALL of my taste. I desperately want a tulle wedding dress, but what if in 20 years, tulle (on the right) is the satin (on the left), of today???

But here we are. In 20 years I’ll look back and know my wedding was TRENDY.

It could be worse though, right? I could have a perm.




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