Emoji are sexist and here’s why

I woke up this morning with what can only be described as a crazy email in my inbox from a complete stranger. It’s quite something to blearily open your eyes, sleepily snuggle against your fiance and for the first words to enter your brain – through your phone – to be a long, rambling journey down the rabbit hole.

Anyway. Back to emojis.

Emojis are more than the little pictures on your phone – they’re actually a key facet of our increasingly digital communication. And with the laughing-crying emoji chosen as Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year last year, don’t doubt their cultural significance.

I dove into this topic in depth for the Daily Maverick:

Aside from the little yellow faces skewing male – they’re more likely to be perceived as men than women – all the “action” and career-specific emojis are male. The female emojis are dancing, getting married or grooming themselves: flipping their hair, painting their nails or getting a head massage. This represents the divide between the public “helping” sphere and the private “selfish” sphere: the men are providing services, while the women are forced once again into beauty-centric roles

You can read the whole article here



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