Since the wedding (11 things that changed for me)

Since the wedding (11 things that changed for me)

Here are eleven things that changed… since the wedding.

Judith Belle Adventures - 10

Since the wedding… 

  1. I’m more confident wearing white (well… just the one time) Judith Belle Adventures - 13
  2. I’ve eaten – no, inhaled, no, ravenously gulped – a revolting amount of carbs and sugar. (I’m actually a teeeeny bit scared at quite how much I can pack away in a single sitting.)enhanced-28868-1452266314-1
  3. I use the word ‘husband’ loudly, continuously, obnoxiously and unnecessarily. Honestly, this surprised me – how much I enjoy voraciously CLAIMING our new relationship status.
  4. I realised that sitting on the couch and doing NOTHING is not only possible, it’s also highly likely. I have huge capacity for sloth… which I’ve never really accessed until after the adrenaline and excitement of the wedding planning ebbed away. I literally do NOTHING – no knitting, stitching, or writing. I just watch The Office. I love it. enhanced-3445-1460638366-5
  5. We’re seeing a lot more of our friends! Instead of being holed away furiously sticking labels on wedding gifts, my HUSBAND and I are actually doing our favourite thing: cooking and eating food and drinking leftover champagne and frozen wedding cake with some of the wonderful people in our lives.
  6. I feel LOVED. So loved! The presence of so many truly interesting, funny, and caring people, in such volume, as well as the speeches, cards, social media messages, Whatsapps, thoughtful attention and good wishes over the wedding time, was slightly overwhelming and completely wonderful.  I often had people say to me, “Your friends are so great!”. Yes, yes they are. This especially applies to our wonderful bridal party – the groomsmen and bridesmaids who went over and above to make the day wonderful for us. We are hashtag blessed with some wonderful friends. Judith Belle Adventures - 9
  7. We’ve truly realised that our families are wonderful. It’s the kind of thing you KNOW, but to actually see it in action – lifting, carrying, hugging, loving us despite the silly tension around details – helping with everything and happy to do so – wow. You can’t choose your family and we sure got hella lucky.

    Judith Belle Adventures - 2
    I had some severe anxiety around the socks. THE SOCKS. And look how awesome they look.
  8. I’ve felt so in synch with my husband. We were playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’ the other day and he could pick out my answers from everyone else’s. What the hell! I know when he’s exhausted, he knows when I’m cranky… All those nebulous feelings about ‘we’re right for each other’ really cemented and I’m unabashedly confident in our future.
  9. I feel so relaxed. It’s great. More relaxed than I felt before he proposed even.
  10. I’ve got my priorities in order again. Work is an important thing, but it’s not the only thing. I realised that in fifteen years I’m not going remember the deadlines of 2017, but I’m going to remember everything else.
  11. I’m planning a post-wedding hair moment. It’s not original. 2d49ac0565466335546851d42388aba8

What changed for you after your wedding?

Photos by Judith Belle
Dress by White Lilly Bridal


2 thoughts on “Since the wedding (11 things that changed for me)

  1. This is so beautiful Sam. I still feel that crazy love for our family when I think about our wedding; them crying, cheering, lifting, wiping tears.

    Also; post-wedding I gained a crazy amount of body-confidence. I mean; I am not nearly as “thin” as I was before we got married but I feel so much more confident and I definitely attribute that to having a HUSBAND. (I still like saying that.)

    I am so happy you are so happy! xxx

  2. Tuck the magic of your wedding day away in a special place and take it out whenever you need to remember how loved and special you really are XXX

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