8 reasons why winter is the worst [GIFs]

8 reasons why winter is the worst [GIFs]

It’s only taken me two months but I’m about 220% done with winter this year.

giphy (1).gif

Here’s why.

  1. COLD. I’m cold, like, all the time. Skin crawling under voluminous layers, bones chilled all the way through, my neck tense and prickled, a hot water bottle pressed red against my skin.giphy.gif
    giphy (3).gif
  3. LAZY. I’m tired and sluggish and just want to potate (potate: the verb form of ‘potato’)
    giphy (6).gif
  4. POTATO. I *AM* the potato
    giphy (2).gif
  5. HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. I want to curl up in a blanket and never leave the house. BUT YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.
    giphy (7).gif
  6. WINTER WARDROBE. Much to my eternal dismay, I am NOT a waif that looks elegant in layers and boots.

    I don’t like dressing in winter. I just don’t.
    giphy (8).gif

  7. STOCKINGS. Stockings, stockings, stockings.
    giphy (9).gif

I’m not saying I want constant summer (oh god no – this article on global warming is the scariest thing I’ve ever read). And I do love hot chocolate, marshmallows (like these tiramisu marshamallows), hoodies, blankets, and movie marathons. Those are all wonderful. Unfortunately, however, winter is frequently interrupted by Real Life, and THAT is what causes the problems.

This is only, like, 25% of winter. Image from here.

Let me leave you with one final thought.



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