The Fatness: my 4 favourite long reads on the F word

It’s a scary word – the F word – and people cover it up with euphemisms whenever they can. Plus size, big, fuller figured… It’s a bad word.


I’ve written about it for W24 before, but still find myself veering away from the word whenever it comes up. These four long reads by four fabulous writers each tackled the F word and really moved me with their brave, beautiful copy.


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The New F Word | Women24 column

Rubanesque. Curvy. Full figured. Plus sized. We have so many pseudonyms for the scariest of words – FAT.

Why does this F word have such power?


I talk about this in my new Women24 column – you can’t comment on the post because of News24’s new comments policy, but I’d love to hear your thoughts here!


#BasicallyFamous | Women24 column

So the great news is that I’m basically like, super famous.

I’ve published my first column on Women24 and am basking in the knowledge that tens of people have probably, I guess, maybe, hopefully read it, or at least skimmed it while eating lunch and thinking about other things.

(So if you see someone is sunglasses trying to avoid the paparazzi in Woolworths it’s probably me.)

Read all about being the fattest bridesmaid here.

Me in cartoon form
To be a betterer me

To be a betterer me

I have re-re-rededicated myself to running.

Last year my resolution was to lose weight; this year it was to throw myself into exercise with reckless abandon and uncensored joy. Since running (and kata box and occasionally yoga, though I’m about as bendy as block of wood) is the only energetic, calorie-burning activity that I enjoy, I decided to focus on that time round.

So far (as the third month peaks over the horizon) I have run: zero times.

Not even one time. Zero, nada, zip, nothing, no, none times.

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Baby got back

Baby got back

This blog post also appears on the Fairlady site.

‘Big’ is a word you should use very cautiously when talking to women. It’s like waving a red flag at a bull, quite frankly. It could very easily turn a conversation into a landmine-ridden no-go zone that ends direly in explosions and yes, ultimately, death.

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“On the other hand, you have different fingers.” ~ Steven Wright

“On the other hand, you have different fingers.” ~ Steven Wright

Five reasons to drink:

  1. Both sugar and sweetner will make you fat.
  2. A colleague described my desk as a “theatre of cruelty” after my beautiful birthday lilies started to die of thirst – all the water in the vase evaporated over the weekend. I also killed a pot plant last week.
  3. My computer has been making a dreadful whirrrrrrrrrrr ghrghghhgghghh whirrrrrrrrr noise for the past several weeks. I finally sent a vexed email to IT. IT guy came, looked at the computer for half a second and said, “It’s the fan.” Humiliation is mine.
  4. I never stop doing dishes. NEVER.
  5. I’m single. While most interpret that as a bad thing (hell, I do sometimes too) it actually means fun nights out with the girls… where we DRINK!
  6. BONUS REASON TO DRINK: Toxic waste will kill you and NOT turn you into a super hero. I know, right! WTF!

Toxic waste may cause harm