Babies and red velvet cupcakes

Babies and red velvet cupcakes

Babies, babies, babies. It’s all moms and pregnant women talk about.

“I was up all night with my baby”, “I’m pregnant with a baby” and “My baby did the funniest thing the other day…” My goodness. People don’t talk about puppies nearly as much as people with babies talk about babies.

Cat people, though… well… they’re a whole other breed.

cat people
Cat people are… different.

Then Adele got pregnant.

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Reasons to be happy this Friday

Reasons to be happy this Friday

1. It is a really beautiful day in Cape Town.

Lion's Head
View of Lion's Head from Gardens with a sapphire blue sky. Taken with my Blackberry; pretty cool hey?

2. It’s Friday, so I feel like I’m living in a macaroon (no; NOT sticky and dark but rather sweet and easy to share).

3. I baked red velvet cupcakes last night and they were completely DEVOURED at work today. This validates my life long thoughts that I am an awesome baker.

red velvet cupcakes
My self-made and self-decorated red velvet cupcakes. Yes, I am THAT amazing.

4. I do not have facial hair (though The Boyfriend is valiantly growing his own to make-up for the both of us. Insert eye-roll here.)

stick on moustache
Me with a moustache. Shmexy, no?

5. Finally, though this might make a few of you want to hurl into the bins next to your desk, I must say that it is wonderful having a wonderful boyfriend who posts wonderful songs on your Facebook wall. Like the one he posted today:

Happy weekend nice people!