Bad blogger who blogs badly

Bad blogger who blogs badly

I’m not sure if any of you noticed (though a small, egotistical, easily-wounded part of me hopes that you have) that I haven’t been blogging a lot recently. Well, I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been keeping me busy instead.

And since it’s tough to blog in interpretive dance, I shall do it in pictures instead.

I got my DREAM JOB! I was hired as a Features Writer for Marie Freaking Claire; my favourite magazine filled with in-depth features focusing on women. The last three-and-a-bit years have been a slow and hard, ever-persistent, climb to now:

marie claire cover april

– Hiking in Kirstenbosch with Fit Kelli and Vegan Mia

View of Bantry Bay (pic by Samantha Steele) from the very long, very hard Kirstenbosch hike that Fit Kelli insisted on doing VERY QUICKLY. I just want to reiterate that I have SHORT LEGS and quick walks and quick climbing do not suit short legs very well. They do not suit them very well at all.

– Baking

Boyfriend's Birthday Cupcakes (his had the top hat and bow-tie)

– Nail painting

Painted with my fabulous fellow blogger, Jerusha Sukdheo, creator of This Red Lipstick.

– Boyfriend seeing

And he bought me flowers!

– Baking

Easter cupcakes!

– Shopping

Best sisters ever! We left the shops with fabulous outfits (and a slightly disgruntled Annelie who was crushed by the sheer volume of browsing we did).

– Sight seeing in Stellenbosch

What. The. What.

– Obsessing over tea cup Yorkies

tea cup yorkie


– Baking

I love the duckies!

– Seeing family

5-old cousin Julia said my brother Angus' hair was "ugly", then brushed it into a side parting. He was not pleased (but strangely flattered).

– Going for High Tea at the Mt Nelson

I wanted to eat far more than I could.

– Savoring ONE shot of my brother Matthew’s Johnnie Walker Blue; Angus’s present to Matthew on his 21st:

– Freelancing for Mail&Guardian, FAIRLADY and Silverlakes Estate’s internal magazine

This is how I spent my weekends after all of that.

– And did I mention baking?


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