I found my dream man

I found my dream man

He’s a perfect composition of my favourite things:

  • dimples
  • dry wit
  • intelligence
  • an Irish accent
  • dimples
  • great sense of humour
  • ironic view of the world
  • AND DIMPLES! With an Irish accent. An IRISH ACCENT. That’s like the auditory version of being covered in chocolate.

It would be even more perfect if he didn’t have a wife.

And if we could meet one day.

Dylan Moran.

Dylan Moran
I heart him with all my heart.

He’s my dreamboat.

My journalism friends and I discovered him in the British TV series Black Books, which is, quite possibly, one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

Black BooksLisa, Tarryn, Leigh, Natali and I (with other people flitting in and out) would meet every Thursday and watch the inexplicably-hot Dylan Moran swear, smoke and drink in his book shop.

We’re not sure why we find him attractive. I mean, look at him:

dylan moranHe’s antisocial. He drinks far too much wine. He smokes like … someone that smokes a lot. I don’t know when last, if EVER, he washed his hair. My brothers assure me he’s no looker and tell me I should get a celebrity crush on someone else.

Nonetheless, Dylan Moran has nestled into my heart. He’s a dreamboat despite, or maybe because of all those things.

And (swoon) he has dimples, an Irish accent and is very witty.

“And yes, I am aware, that it is traditionally bad form to respond to any kind of criticism or rejection. But in this, as with all else, I am an innovator. Therefore I may freely address you as pissmidget.” ~ Dylan Moran

His mind is just so damn sexy.

Dylan Moran, I love you.


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